All in One PDF Tools

PDF is a file format used to present software documents independently. One PDF file contain document of a fixed-layout, including text, graphics, and other similar necessary information. PDF allows file compression from the raw data file, this helps in having good quality graphics in the documents even after compression. PDF is easily accessible; fonts can be subset to save space, PDF is also helpful for document interchange. PDF format is popular for some special features such as portability, visual quality and security check.

Exceptional features of All in One PDF Tools:

Several PDF files can be split in a single PDF page; large files can also be split into smaller files arranging separate page ranges. Multiple pages can be merged into single PDF according to page range or according to odd or even number of pages. Blank or unwanted pages can be deleted from the PDF as well. A required page can be extracted from PDF with the help of page range or specific page. Two separate PDF files can be compared and also combined on a single page. The PDF splitter merger software is used to split, merge, join, delete, combine, cut, divide and break multiple PDF pages on a single click. This tool helps in merging pages of bank statements, e-books, article etc. One can assign desirable page size to the PDF pages and decide on its visual appearance. Meta information like subject, author, keywords and title can also be changed when required.

These files can also be password protected, to prevent unrestricted access. One has to simply give a password, every time someone tries to open the file, they will have to use the password. This will help maintain the privacy of the user. One can also induce watermarks, in the PDF files and use them like an ownership over the documents. The watermarks can be words, phrases, sentences or even images. Bookmarks can also be added or edited on every page of a document, which will help one to reach out to a desired page when needed. Watermarks can be set anywhere on the page, top, bottom or centre. JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF formats of images are supported. One can use this phenomenon to promote his/ her page by adding a web link or logo to the pages of the PDF documents. PDF encryption enables restrictions like printing, editing, and modification of contents, page extraction, annotations, content copying and form filling. One can also select multiple documents for adding password in a batch mode.

PDF works on all operating systems of windows like XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It supports both protected and non-protected PDF documents and also 32bit and 64 bit OS of windows. The batch processing tool makes it easier to select PDF as a batch and print several documents together, saving a lot of time.